Born 1968 in Rotherham, U.K., Jason Brooks studied at Cheltenham Art School and Goldsmiths, before obtaining an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and now works and lives in London & Gloucestershire. Brooks is closely associated with the generation of artists who emerged in Britain in the early nineties to great international acclaim and he is known for images which intensify the portraiture process more than any photographic medium.

Jason Brooks recent work explores old masterpieces and anonymous found paintings, adopting the same techniques, images that he reworks, crops and repaints. It is a way of looking at art history through the eyes of others who have looked at art history. On a very simple level it affirms the continued faith that painters retain in the medium.

Previous exhibitions include a solo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London (2008) and key exhibitions including ‘New Neurotic Realism’, 1998, and ‘I am a Camera’, 2001.

In 2015, Marlborough Contemporary, in collaboration with Black Dog Publishing, published Perpetual Orgy, a major overview of the artist’s work, written by Michael Bracewell.

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“Jason Brooks’ works represent a reality that seems to be bound into the necessary and often fetishist absurdities of existence. Hyperrealism for its own sake is tedious, even unnecessary, excerpt as a display of technique: when, as here, it is combined with a  thoughtful discourse on layers of reality, it becomes a thing of value and even moral resolution.”

Norman Rosenthal